Because of a problem in the program, the timer in a video player did not begin counting until the video had been playing for several seconds. The player began counting at 0 seconds, even though the video had already played 190 frames. The video plays 25 frames per second. How many frames had the video already played when the time was equal to -3 2/5 seconds?

Accepted Solution

Answer:105 framesStep-by-step explanation:Given that 25 frames are played per second25 frames= 1 secThe video already played 3 and 2/5 seconds before the player started to count 0Write 3 and 2/5 seconds as an improper fraction=(5*3)+2 / 5 = 17/5 secondsMultiply by 25 frames17/5 *25 =85 framesSo according to the video counter,after 17/5 seconds,it should count 85 frames.However,at 0 seconds,it indicated a count of 190 frames.Thus,to get the number of frames that were already in count you subtract 85 frames from the 190 frames.190-85=105 frames