10 Great 8-Bit iPhone Background Wallpapers

Here are ten retro video game backgrounds for your Android, iphone, iPad, or Desktop. Celebrate the glory of the old NES.

10. Rampage

The great mutant, city-bashing game as an op-art wallpaper. Monkey, Lizard, wolf.

09 Zelda

The hollowed-out tree level from Zelda. Spooky.

08. Hogan’s Alley

Commemorate the gangster shoot ‘em up with this sweet desktop background.

07. Bionic Commando

Super Joe and his spiky hair and green bullet bazooka. Oh, memories.

06. Link and Triforce

The first appearance of the green, pointy-hatted, triangle loving elf on a deep black background.

05. Tetris – Final Screen

The winning screen from Tetris.

04. Contra – Beating Heart

The bloody, beating heart– the final boss of Contra.

03. Super Mario 2 – Last Boss, Wart.

The bubble-belching Frog that Mario has to fight. Turns out it’s all a dream, though.

02. The Moblin

It’s a secret to everybody – this wallpaper is groovy.

01. Metroid

Metroid, original NES 8 bit wallpaper

Bonus points for animation.